Clarifying the return to the workplace 2023

Nigel Dunn of Jabra believes redesigned offices and a better knowledge of actual people and businesses are needed to build more inclusive, flexible, and productive workplaces.

“Return to the office” is a tired phrase. In meeting after interaction with consumers who still regard it as an intense difficulty, I’m reminded that we in the audio-video industry are frequently fortunate.

While we are at the forefront of meeting room technology, generating the latest insights, and leveraging deep-rooted partnerships with all the industry players enabling hybrid work, most organizations are still struggling to adapt to the new world of work.

Taking the mystery out of returning to work

According to our latest Hybrid Ways of Working worldwide Report, 80% of worldwide meetings are virtual or hybrid. Since the epidemic, 49% of companies have rearranged their offices.

This implies that half of all firms are holding virtual and hybrid meetings in places that don’t satisfy these new difficulties. While the other half may have rearranged their offices, many of their analog technology are becoming outdated. We have a long way to go to include everyone in the future of work.

Luckily, the plans (yes, real blueprints) for a purpose-built, future-proof hybrid workplace are becoming clearer and more available. It’s never been simpler to tell business executives, IT teams, and facilities managers what they need to create a meeting room that matches users’ demands.

Organizations may see what they need to update their workplaces, from room measurements and table form to screen size and camera positioning.

However, if we are to close the technology gap and help the world move into the hybrid era, industry leaders must remember our privileged position in the return to office transition, drop our assumptions, and always keep the challenges of real people and organizations front and center.

Only then can we demystify the office return and invite everyone along on this path to a more inclusive, flexible, and productive future.

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