Air Serbia buys fuel-saving technology from Airbus 2023

Air Serbia has signed a contract with Airbus’s Navblue subsidiary for the acquisition of two sophisticated software solutions that will substantially contribute to fuel savings and the reduction of carbon emissions for the carrier’s fleet of aircraft. The Serbian flag carrier will be the inaugural customer for the IDLE Factor Optimizer (IFO) and Descent Profile Optimizer (DPO) software.

The DPO, which will be utilized on the A320-family fleet as well as the A330s, functions by updating the Flight Management System (FMS) and minimizing margins in descent and approach, thereby allowing for a later peak of descent and a shorter deceleration distance in level-off.

Airbus’s fuel-saving technology has been purchased by Air Serbia.

On an A320, the modification can save up to 75 kilograms of gasoline per descent and is completed in less than four hours. IDLE Factor Optimizer perpetually modifies the FMS prediction of the descent trajectory, resulting in fuel savings, reduced emissions, and enhanced pilot management.

Air Serbia declared in September 2017 that it was in discussions regarding the new technology. The airline estimates that the savings from reduced gasoline consumption will cover the cost of the software for its entire Airbus fleet. Moreover, the airline would reduce per-jet greenhouse gas emissions.

Air Serbia’s CEO, Jiri Marek, commented on the acquisition this week at the IATA Annual General Meeting in Istanbul, stating, “Air Serbia has been initiating initiatives to reduce carbon emissions for years.

At the most important aviation industry event of the year, held in Istanbul, we reached an agreement with Airbus, a global leader in the field, to purchase two advanced software solutions that will greatly assist us in reducing our carbon emissions and lowering our operational costs.

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