A new TUF Gaming RTX 40 card is in the works from ASUS 2023

Your excitement should be tempered by the fact that there is currently no evidence to suggest that this might be the next-generation midrange upgrade, also known as the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti GPU. Because NVIDIA has not disclosed any release date information for this new card as of yet, there is no need for ASUS to launch a new GPU based on this SKU so soon.

On the other hand, the official teaser gives the impression that this may be a new TUF Gaming GPU, potentially a new version of what was recently displayed with the debut of the RTX 4070, which was the most recent product to be introduced.

ASUS will release an RTX-based graphics card.

ASUS has also revealed that they will be giving away this new SKU especially, but the only way to win is to correctly guess what the card’s name is.

Since there is currently a TUF RTX 4070 card, it is reasonable to assume that ASUS is working on a new version, potentially with a different color scheme or with fewer fans (up until this point, all RTX 40 TUF models had three fans).

The livestream of the event is now scheduled to begin on May 10th, as the new date for the announcement. Make sure to add your opinions in the comments section below the tweet if you have any predictions about what ASUS could unveil.

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