APMT Bahrain builds $10 million solar power project 2023

This initiative is expected to render the port energy independent by the end of 2023, making it the first solar-powered seaport in the region.

By implementing this initiative, the terminal expects to reduce its carbon emissions by 65% while securing a reliable and sustainable energy source, thereby rendering Khalifa Bin Salman Port the region’s first energy-independent seaport.

The solar energy project is a component of APMT’s global decarbonisation strategy, which seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2040.

The initiative is also consistent with the government’s goals to reduce Bahrain’s emissions by 30% by 2035 and reach net zero by 2060.

Solar energy project in Bahrain by APMT worth $10 million gets underway.

APMT Bahrain will have installed 20,000 solar photovoltaic panels capable of generating 18.5 Gigawatts of electricity per year by the conclusion of the solar implementation project.

According to APMT Bahrain, this renewable energy source will generate pure and sustainable energy for port operations such as container handling, crane operations, and illumination.

Farooq Zuberi, Chief Financial Officer and Interim Managing Director of APMT Bahrain, stated, “We are thrilled to take the first major step in our decarbonisation plans, which will make Khalifa Bin Salman Port the first seaport in the region to be fully powered by renewable energy.”

Zuberi added, “We strive continually to develop more sustainable and responsible business practices in order to better serve our customers and the communities in which we operate.”

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