Sweden buys Carl Gustaf M4 ammunition 2023

Deliveries will occur between 2026 and 2030.

The order was submitted pursuant to a framework agreement between Saab and the FMV, which permits acquisitions of the company’s ground combat weapons, including ammunition and equipment: Carl Gustaf, AT4, and NLAW.

Micael Johansson, president and chief executive officer of Saab, stated, “This order secures the Swedish armed forces’ supply of Carl Gustaf ammunition as a result of the weapon’s capacity and robustness.”

Since 1948, the Swedish armed forces have utilized the Carl Gustaf. In 2018, the FMV signed a contract for deliveries of the Carl Gustaf M4, the most recent version of the weapon.

The vast selection of ammunition available for the Carl Gustaf enhances the system’s tactical adaptability, allowing for quicker engagement and enhanced accuracy.

Nato specifications

Sweden’s induction into NATO will shortly follow Finland’s; however, Sweden will be required to provide adequate support to the defense organization.

The extensive selection of Carl Gustaf ammunition meets the requirements of the soldier. This is an advantageous quality of the Swedish-made weapon, as it allows for easier integration with other NATO partners.

The weapon can discharge a variety of 84mm calibre projectiles for a variety of purposes.

In March of this year, the British Ministry of Defense purchased the weapon from Saab for £4.6m ($5.7m). Director of Futures for the British Army, Major General James Bowder, stated:

“The acquisition of Carl-Gustaf M4 will provide our close combat forces with a versatile, potent, and proven capability; it will defeat a variety of threats on the modern battlefield, thereby increasing our lethality.”

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