Amazon’s palm-recognition technology now verifies age to buy booze 2023

Amazon has announced a new application for the palm-recognition technology it employs for contactless payments: age verification. So from now on, if the bar has an Amazon One scanner, you can scan your palm instead of your ID.

Obviously, you must first authenticate your age with Amazon One in order to do so. You will be required to submit a palm scan, a photo ID, payment information, and a selfie. Only then can you utilize the service to verify your identity?

The bartender or cashier will see “21+” and your selfie, so they will not need to request identification. After using the scanner to verify your identity, you can scan your palm again to complete the transaction.

Amazon’s palm recognition system now has the capability of determining your legal drinking age.

Amazon currently employs palm scanners for purchasing at its Go and Fresh stores, Whole Foods stores, and other locations. However, you can currently only test the scanners with the age verification function at Coors Field in Colorado. In the coming months, the corporation intends to increase the number of such locations.

Amazon notes that the palm-recognition technology uses cameras to compare “many aspects of your palm,” such as lines, ridges, and veins, to cloud-stored images. This may pose a risk to users’ privacy, but the company guarantees that palm recognition data is securely protected.

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