Spotify experiments with a feature similar to YouTube’s ‘Your Offline Mix’; is it different? 2023

Spotify is testing a new feature that lets users listen to music without Wi-Fi or cellphone service. “Your Offline Mix” gives consumers an offline playlist.

Internet may be inaccessible in hilly places or during flights. Preparing by downloading songs is common.

Selecting tracks for offline listening might be difficult. Spotify’s latest functionality offers a straightforward answer to this issue.

Spotify is testing “Your Offline Mix,” a playlist of recently played music.

According to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s Twitter screenshot, the new function would automatically save “a collection of recently played songs for moments when you’re in a great mood but have limited connectivity.”

The CEO gave no release date. Spotify allows users to download playlists and albums for offline listening. This functionality can also save data. Spotify began developing this functionality in 2020.

On Monday, Spotify Technology SA laid off 200 podcast staff. 200 people comprise 2% of the audio streamer’s global workforce.

The corporation has aggressively expanded its income streams outside music streaming by investing over $1 billion in podcasts and attracted famous people like Joe Rogan.

“We are expanding our partnership efforts with leading podcasters from across the globe with a tailored approach optimized for each show and creator,” Spotify added.

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