Samsung Galaxy Watch6 has FDA-approved abnormal heart rhythm alerts 2023

Samsung stated today that the US FDA approved its irregular heart rhythm notification (IHRN) function. IHRN will be added to the ECG feature to track and notify you of aberrant heart rhythms.

One UI 5 Watch, Samsung’s wear OS overlay for the Galaxy Watch6 series, will introduce the functionality later this year, reportedly in July.

Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch 4 families will get One UI 5 Watch after Galaxy Watch6.

IHRN actively monitors atrial fibrillation (AFib) cardiac rhythms. AFib is an arrhythmia that can indicate significant cardiovascular difficulties that can lead to stroke, heart failure, and other consequences. You may have asymptomatic or silent AFib and not know it.

Once engaged in the Samsung Health Monitor app, the function will monitor for abnormal heart rhythms in the background. If a certain number of consecutive measures are irregular, the watch will warn you of probable AFib activity and recommend an ECG for a more precise assessment.

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