Nokia’s two inexpensive phone debuts, UPI payment service, beginning at Rs 1299 2023

The manner in which payments are made in cities has changed significantly. UPI was introduced in 2016 and has since become a new method of payment in cities. Whether you are seated in a rickshaw or a large hotel, UPI payment options are nearly ubiquitous. However, an app is required to use it.

Neither a bank app nor a UPI-based service provider’s payment service can be utilized without a smartphone. In such a circumstance, their feature phone was not receiving the benefit. Nokia’s new feature phones are aimed at comparable individuals.

UPI payment through a feature phone

The newly released Nokia 105 2023 and Nokia 106 feature phones include an integrated UPI service. In other words, you will be able to use UPI 123PAY on new Nokia phones. UPI 123PAY is not a Nokia-specific service, but rather NPCI’s payment system for feature phones.

With this, users can also make safe and secure UPI payments from feature phones. The UPI 123PAY service is accessible through the Traction IVR number, the app on feature phones, the delayed call method, and sound-based payments. Regarding mobile phones, consumers will receive improved battery life and Nokia branding.

What are the characteristics and costs?

The Nokia 106 4G features 4G connectivity and a robust design. The business has provided IPS LCD displays. The company has equipped the Nokia 105 with a 1000mAh battery, while the Nokia 106 4G has a 1450mAh battery. In addition, the phone includes FM radio and an MP3 device.

Regarding price, the Nokia 105 2023 was introduced for Rs 1,299. Simultaneously, the brand launched the Nokia 106 4G for Rs 2,199. Both phones will be available for purchase on May 18, which is today. Nokia can acquire 105 in the colors charcoal, sheen, and red. Nokia 106 is available in both charcoal and blue hues.

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