Xbox PC Game Pass is Now Shareable 2023

Microsoft has announced a new program as part of its endeavor to enhance Xbox Game Pass as a gaming platform. Existing PC Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can share 14-day trials with up to five acquaintances through this program.

The free trial will include all PC Game Pass features, including EA Play and Riot Games benefits.

Microsoft introduced a new PC Game Pass Referral Program.

The Xbox Game Pass Friend Referral program, as announced by the company via Xbox Wire, will allow Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass members to grant up to five friends a free 14-day PC Game Pass trial. The company emphasizes that in order to redeem the free trial, the invited peers must be new to Game Pass.

The free trial provides access to all PC Game Pass features, such as access to new Xbox Game Studios titles on the day of their release, an EA Play membership, and the ability to play popular PC and mobile games from Riot Games on PC. Valorant, League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra will be made available to invited peers who attach their Riot Games account and Xbox profile.

To access Friend Referral invitations for sharing Game Pass, simply navigate to the Game Pass Home interface in the Xbox App for Windows to access Friend Referral invitations. You’ll discover a “Give PC Game Pass” button there. Click on it to begin the sharing process and encourage your peers to participate. Note that once you’ve used your five referrals, you won’t receive any more until January 1.

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