What’s wrong with modern technology? 2023

Discuss phones.

My friend owns a 20-year-old flip phone. He won’t buy a smartphone despite persuasion. He just refuses to join the 21st century.

I can’t always answer his calls. Leaves a message? No. I call him back right away since he might (rarely) have anything essential to say.

What’s mine? Phone off message. He phones me and hangs up if I don’t respond. What if his phone is off?

Save money? We’re talking about a millionaire who can purchase the greatest smartphone and mobile service, yet he wanders about with an antiquated flip phone that he shuts off after a conversation.

It’s common. Another buddy does that. “I want to talk when I want, not yours,” they say.


They want smartphone perks, too. No. Their spouses mediate. I must text their spouses to send them pictures.

Older males think like this, which is ridiculous. Smart college grads, both buddies refuse to utilize contemporary technologies.

I and his wife have attempted to convey the benefits of smartphones to the first buddy for years. He refuses. Rock-hard head.

Double grrr.

Smartphone owners who never answer are another group. They call back if your message is important.

They state this. “I don’t answer until I know what it’s about!”

Triple grrr.

Excuse me! If you can recognize me and won’t answer until you realize how vital my call is, I won’t answer when you call back. If you don’t value my call, I don’t value yours.

Phones annoy. We love, need, and despise them.

Everyone has been on hold for minutes or hours while phoning a firm.

“Your call matters. Stay on the line.”

Caller 23. 22-minute wait.”

Finally, a foreigner with an accent you can’t understand answers.

Quadruple grrr.

Since so many of these folks work from home, you often hear children screaming or a vehicle radio. How can someone search records while driving or changing a diaper?

My business call once included a toilet flush. That’s it.

I watch a music channel while on hold for 30 minutes. “No one is available now, but your call is very important to us so please stay on the line,” I say when I get a live person. I put the phone on the TV and let them listen to music. You know? They never wait. How come?

Companies used to have receptionists and several phone lines to answer calls quickly. Businesses are too cheap to quickly serve customers.

My phone complaints are here. When I was a kid, an eight-party line was always in use, so you couldn’t call. No one will answer your immediate calls.

That’s progress?

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