Twitter Allows Direct Message Emoji Reactions 2023

Twitter now lets users respond to DMs with practically any emoji. Users could only respond to the most recent DM using restricted emojis. Twitter now has emoji reactions, joining WhatsApp and Telegram. Elon Musk tweeted that the app update would include the capability. He also said Twitter would launch encrypted DMs on Wednesday.

Musk has long advocated for end-to-end Twitter DM encryption. He wanted DMs to “superset Signal” last November. Musk’s deadlines are poor. He tweeted in March that encrypted DMs will be released by the end of the month, but it’s already May and they haven’t.

Direct Messages on Twitter Now Support Emojis

Encrypted DMs may not be released on Wednesday. Musk did not clarify if users could check for an indication to see if their talks were encrypted end-to-end. However, Twitter’s statement improves its privacy and security, which have been attacked.

Musk also announced that Twitter would feature voice and video calling soon. Musk wants Twitter to be “everything.” These changes will help Twitter compete other chat applications with greater functionality.

Twitter’s new emoji response tool and impending encrypted DMs are excellent additions. Users must wait to see if Musk’s feature delivers. If so, it might transform Twitter and restore user confidence.

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