New video technology extends the reach of compassionate hands 2023

Dubai, UAE Milestone Systems, a major video software business, has introduced a remote patient monitoring system to help hospitals with personnel shortages.

15 million healthcare professionals would be needed globally by 2030. Milestone’s data-driven video technology can help hospitals handle this challenge while maintaining high-quality treatment.

The newly introduced XProtect Hospital Assist video system lets medical personnel remotely monitor numerous patients and respond to problems, simplifying some common chores.

Milestone Systems CTO Rahul Yadav stated, “There is no doubt that the irreplaceable human touch of healthcare professionals is essential, and by integrating data-driven video technology into their daily routine, they can now be even further empowered.

“XProtect Hospital Assist can improve patient care by supporting healthcare staff. Our system allows quick incident response and high-quality patient care by adding eyes and ears to patient rooms. XProtect Hospital Assist improves hospital safety, efficiency, and connectivity worldwide by solving crucial personnel shortages.

“We are proud to unveil this innovative solution to enhance hands-on patient care and reinforce the vital role of healthcare professionals.”

24/7 care

XProtect Hospital Assist is Milestone’s open-platform video management software for medical facilities that need 24/7 or situational supervision, such as intensive care and rehabilitation units.

XProtect Hospital Assist lets doctors monitor and talk to numerous critically sick patients. This lowers room visits and optimizes staff resources. Live video blurring protects patient privacy.

Auto-fall detection is another functionality. This warns medical workers to patient falls, saving seconds. Hospital falls in the US cause up to one million injuries and 11,000 deaths*.

XProtect Hospital Assist

XProtect Hospital Assist is a specialized remote patient monitoring solution for hospital units caring for patients who need 24/7 or situational supervision.

It increases staff efficiency, responds quickly to occurrences, and provides high-quality patient care.

XProtect Hospital Assist improves the standard security system by allowing employees to watch, identify, and respond to problems rapidly, improving staff productivity, patient care, and hospital safety.

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