Anritsu introduces inspection equipment 2023

Anritsu has introduced a new line of inspection equipment – XR75 DualX+ – that improves the detection of contaminants in the food industry.

Anritsu, a Japanese manufacturer of inline product detection and inspection apparatus for the food and pharmaceutical industries, was founded in 1895.

Anritsu explained that DualX+ is a Photon Detector technology of the next generation with algorithms tailored to fish and poultry applications.

Anritsu Introduces Cutting-Edge Inspection Gear

The new technology improves image quality, resulting in finer and more accurate detection capabilities and a decrease in false rejection rates.

Contaminants on the targets are plainly displayed and identified by the shadows they produce, whereas foreign bodies, such as fish bones, small poultry bones, and fine metal fragments, are easily distinguished.

The company stated, “The human costs associated with missing a contaminant in food can be substantial for all parties involved, and the thorough production line inspection equipment that Anritsu provides is essential to the global food industry.”

This new equipment from Anritsu possesses the utmost sensitivity, which is necessary for detecting even the tiniest poultry and fish bones.

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