Mercedes may soon have ChatGPT 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is steadily infiltrating our lives, and now it will also be installed in some Mercedes vehicles. Mercedes-Benz announced on Thursday (15 June) that occupants of some of their luxury vehicles will be able to utilize ChatGPT. This is a pilot initiative beginning on June 16.

According to the company, ChatGPT is compatible with approximately 900,000 vehicles equipped with ‘MBUX’ systems. After opting in through the Mercedes app or by voice command, users will be able to download ChatGPT over-the-air. Mercedes will observe how drivers utilize the technology throughout the three-month trial.

The automaker has stated that ChatGPT will make the responses of its car system sound more natural. The enhancement would allow motorists to request destination information. It will also enable them to answer questions such as how to prepare supper.

Mercedes automobiles already respond to a variety of voice commands, such as activating seat heaters.

Funding for Microsoft

The ChatGPT transaction bodes well for Microsoft, which offers a cloud-based version of the popular chatbot.

Rival Microsoft now has a response to’s efforts to deploy its voice assistant Alexa in more vehicles, thanks to its investment in ChatGPT’s creator, OpenAI.

Mercedes stated in a press release that drivers will not only be able to issue commands by saying “Hey Mercedes,” but also be able to converse with their vehicles.

Microsoft stated in a separate blog post that future integrations, also known as plug-ins, could allow drivers to make restaurant reservations, book cinema tickets, and perform additional duties while behind the wheel.

Mercedes stated that the pilot program results will enable the company to develop future plans for incorporating artificial intelligence in other countries and languages. In addition, the voice data is anonymized and analyzed in the Mercedes cloud, according to the company.

Rival General Motors announced in March that, as part of its broader partnership with Microsoft, it was investigating ChatGPT’s potential applications in automobiles.

ChatGPT is the groundbreaking generative AI that was made available to the public last year. When posed with questions or assigned verbal duties, the AI responds with human-like nuance. ChatGPT is also capable of generating code. Its introduction sparked a global debate about the future of AI and humanity. The release of ChatGPT sparked a mad rush in global tech circles to create more generative AIs.

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