‘Can’t blame the A’s,’ Alameda County supervisor says

The Alameda County supervisor says he can’t blame the A’s.

The A’s have entered into a binding agreement to purchase land in Las Vegas, which does not mean that the team should be blamed for leaving Oakland.

The months went by without him talking with Kaval.

I called Dave a couple of days ago, just to check in with him, but I didn’t know what the news was going to be.

He believes that the A’s negotiated in good faith with the city to build a new ballpark at Howard Terminal, and that it does not come as a complete shock.

I can’t blame the A’s for moving on because there’s been so many false starts to achieve that goal. He said that he really couldn’t.

If the A’s eventually secure all of the financing and other requirements to build, the team, city and county can part ways on good terms, according to the man who has been with the A’s for decades. He would be willing to extend the A’s lease at the Coliseum in order to make that happen.

He said, “As opposed to everybody getting angry or upset and despondent over this, let’s try to have a good transition and then have a good plan in place that maybe could achieve even more of a monumental, spectacular sort of situation for Oakland and for the county.”

Even if the A’s leave, he will continue to push for the development of the Coliseum site, which would include homes and a commercial district.

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