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The affair created quite an pleasure, and naturally the lady was applauded for her spirit and bravery. Rosa Towers, I imagine, was married thrice – the third time to a doctor who practises in Queensland . – July 24, by the Registrar of Newcastle, N.S.W., Herbert William Wood (Dubois), son of the late Major H. W. Wood, Madras Royal Engineers, to Rosa Towers, of the Rosa Towers’ Dramatic Company. The best Juvenile Actress within the World, Miss ROSA TOWERS,

Isabella MELODIA

The emptiness among the many Military Knights of Windsor, attributable to the demise of Major Francis Gee, has been stuffed by the appointment of Captain George Lewis Dive Amiel, late of the 10th Lincolnshire Regiment . In consequence of the unfavourable state of the climate, the Concert which was to have been given at the Royal Hotel final night,

Mr. Gillott’s new composition naturally attracted probably the most consideration. It is an octet, “Gran Tarantella di Concerto” for eight performers on four pianos – and it is a type of original composition which we have not met before . We have been favored with the perusal of a letter from W.

Suddenly Solo, Granger Saves The Day

PART II. Overture – “Italiana in Algiero” – Rossini – Mrs. Jupp, Mr. Lee, and Mr. Wallace 2. W. H. GLEN (late Litolff and Glen), MUSIC-SELLER, and importer of musical devices, one hundred seventy Bourke-street east, in providing his sincere because of his associates and the basic public typically for the patronage accorded to the late agency, begs to inform them that he still carries on the enterprise in all its branches.

while it yielded a most ample return, and was inside the reach of all. Thomas Gardiner, a person of shade, was charged with loitering in Hindley-street, and not giving a satisfactory account of himself. The prisoner, who is what is termed “a sneak,” was seen by P.C. Morrison, about eleven o’clock on Saturday evening, in the yard of the “Royal Admiral,” when the cook of that institution, additionally a darkey, was found handing a bundle to the prisoner, which contained a amount of meat and a new loaf.

“Kiss me quick and go,” was properly sung by Germone, and is, in our opinion, decidedly the best comic song in their programme. In the second part the entertainment was kept up by numerous variations. The ballads “Ever of Thee,” by Germone; “Do they miss me at Home,” by Porter, and the duet of “Starboard Watch,” by Porter and Germone, being amongst the best launched.

In consequence of depression in the sixties the ranks were thinned sadly, several of the best gamers having determined to go away for different climes looking for employment. Included in the list of active members was the late Mr. T. T. Doolan, considered one of its most energetic and trustworthy adherents. He had been connected with the band for a really lengthy time and wished to see it surmount the troubles and difficulties that appeared before it. Messrs. Charles Galvin, Joseph Galvin, John McKenzie, and W. Day, three of whom have been members of the original band, and Mr. A. J. Day, another fanatic, have been in the same frame of mind,

Youth Compose And Report A Music In 2 Days

George Reuben Millar, farmer, of the Hermitage, to Elizabeth Jane Gibbs, eldest daughter of Mr. J. G. Gibbs, Rundle-street, Adelaide. The specimens of plain and fancy needlework executed by the ladies gave pleasing proofs that Miss Gibbs, the schoolmistress, has rightly estimated the importance of uniting the helpful with the ornamental.

and the “Heather bloom,” which produced an unanimous encore. This gentleman has a fantastic voice – flexible and beautiful in quality of tone, but somewhat poor in power. We have no doubt UNSW Bella MELODIA age and apply will do much to treatment this deficiency . – On the sixteenth February, at Charles road, Norwood, William Galbraith, aged 89. – On the 10th November, at Charles-street, Norwood, Janet,

THE business hitherto carried on under the fashion or agency of LITOLFF and GLEN, music sellers, &c., 170 Bourke-street east, has this day been DISSOLVED, by mutual consent. FRANCIS LITOLFF WILLIAM HENDERSON GLEN. Witnesses – Henry Litolff, Archi. According to his obituary, Glen arrived in Melbourne in 1853, having been recruited by music-seller

The instrumental performances on this occasion have been faulty, maybe from sure vacancies in the orchestra, but as Mr. Gibbs does his work con amore, we count on to see a rapid improvement in this division. An amateur dramatic entertainment and musical melange will happen on Wednesday evening, the fifteenth January next, in the giant hall of the Mechanics’ Institute, the proceeds to be in assist of that excellent establishment,