BITEX attracts international technology titans 2023

International ICT businesses will attend the eleventh Bahrain International Technology Exhibition (BITEX), according to BTECH.

The MEET ICT Conference and exhibition will run July 4–6. BTECH and WorkSmart for Events Management are organizing the Gulf Convention Centre event.

ICT leaders will display their latest innovative goods at the event. The event brings together corporate and public sector decision-makers, key actors, IT specialists, technology enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs to build relationships, form collaborations, and explore company growth potential.

ICT giants

ICT giants will attend BITEX this year. Etisalcom, Ana Smart Card, Al Kooheji Infotech, GFB Premium, Almoayyed Computers Middle East (ACME), United Nations Industrial Development Organisation

(UNIDO-ITPO) – Bahrain, Thinksmart for Development and Training, Computer World, Hilal Computer, NorthStar, TechoSmart for IT Services WLL, INSOMEA Computer Solutions, ADRI Institute, Knowledge Village, Electronic On-Ramp, Silah Gulf, Zayani Infosystems Middle East (ZIME), Iron Mountain, and others. Manage Engine from Singapore, Cyber Cops from India, Infinite Blue from Dubai, and QSIT from Egypt will also exhibit.

These firms showcase their innovative solutions, systems, technologies, and products at the event. AI, machine learning, cloud computing, biotech, fintech, smart cities, blockchain, cryptocurrency, the Internet of Things and wireless networking, cybersecurity and data protection, virtual and augmented reality, and statistical analysis will be covered.

Attracting companies

BTECH Chairman Tareq Fakhroo noted that BTECH’s ICT conferences and activities attract top technology businesses from around the world. The large number of firms, participants, sponsors, and speaker sessions at these events shows their relevance and industry effect.

The engagement of these significant global technology businesses reaffirms our confidence in the transformational potential of shared ideas, interactive experiences, and global partnerships. These agreements seek to provide Bahraini technology businesses with financial possibilities and new markets.

BITEX, an international gathering, boosts communications network and technology investment value and industrial innovation. We look forward to continuing this momentum in our future endeavors.”

WorkSmart CEO Ahmed AlHujairy stated, “The presence of these global companies at BITEX underscores the event’s significance at both regional and global levels.

It shows Bahrain’s tremendous development in investment and employment, showcasing the Kingdom’s focused efforts in developing a solid technology infrastructure, fostering a competent workforce, and adopting supportive laws for this key sector.”

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