Zoom’s AI-powered missed meeting summary 2023

Zoom has recently introduced two crucial features as part of its Zoom IQ platform: Meeting summary and Chat compose. These features seek to improve team productivity, workday prioritization, and collaboration.

The first feature, Meeting summary, enables Zoom Meeting presenters to generate summaries utilizing the platform’s sophisticated language models. These summaries can be shared via Team Chat and email with team members, eliminating the need to record the entire conversation.

Hosts receive automated summaries, which they can disseminate to both attendees and those who were unable to attend. This feature enhances team collaboration and increases overall productivity.

The Zoom platform now offers artificial intelligence-driven conference summaries.

Smita Hashim, Zoom’s chief product officer, emphasized the significance of these new capabilities, stating that they enable teams to increase their productivity in their daily duties. By leveraging generative AI assistant technology, teams can devote additional time to creative endeavors and expand their collaborative efforts.

The second feature, Chat compose, enables Team Chat users to compose messages using OpenAI technology powered by generative AI.

This feature enables messages to be customized based on the context of the Team Chat thread, with options to alter tone, duration, and rephrase responses. By customizing text recommendations, users can improve their team communication.

To access these features, customers must navigate to the Zoom admin console and opt into the free trials for each feature individually.

The company has also announced the development of forthcoming generative AI-powered features. In the near future, it will be possible to compose email content, summarize Team Chat threads, organize ideas, and create whiteboard content.

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