Why Experiences Outweigh Material Items

items. Everyone desires them. We feel happy when we purchase items. It seems that possessing material belongings elevates our social status and makes us appear cool. Society that we live in actually shapes our desires to be ever-greater. A better, more recent version of something seems to be released every time we purchase it. There’s never-ending pursuit of fleeting joy. We would all prefer the ephemeral happiness that things provide to something that can provide us with lasting, eternal joy. Guess what, though? It exists. It’s known as experience.

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Something that things cannot give us is the eternal joy of experience. For what reason? We can be more gregarious, have enduring memories, and have lively conversation starters for our annual family get-togethers during the holidays thanks to our experiences. We are able to find purpose and become more open because of them.

Being socially adept is made possible by experiences.

To survive, people require human interaction—just consider how difficult quarantine was. Volunteering and traveling are two wonderful ways to spend time with friends and form new, lasting relationships. Volunteering allows you to connect with like-minded individuals and makes new friends. Conversations, adventures, and in-depth getting to know one another are all part of the experience. Material possessions cannot provide you with the same kind of connection. You can’t take things surfing with them or hold a meaningful conversation. Still, people are able to.

Moments Create Eternal Recollections

After buying a phone, how often have you discovered a week later that a new model had been released? Probably now that you have the newer model, you don’t feel as cool. Things bring pleasure for a while. Their aging process happens extremely fast. Experiences are distinct from memories, though, as they leave a lasting impression. You could share your experiences with the people you aided in Costa Rica, show off your newfound friends’ surfing skills with pictures and videos on your not-so-new phone, or just reflect on the time you climbed a whole mountain by yourself. Since recollections never fade, thinking back on these moments will probably always bring joy.

Your experiences will make you seem like a cool person at the next holiday meal.

Families are sometimes inquisitive. Furthermore, at the upcoming family reunion, if your relatives are anything like mine, they’ll undoubtedly bombard you with inquiries.

You’ll sound really fascinating if you have experiences. You will have the opportunity to share with them all of the amazing places you have been. Your family will believe you are both an adventurous and kind person if you include tales of your community service alongside tales of your travels. Sharing the story of your most recent vacation with your family is much more interesting than introducing them to your new watch.

You Can Be More Open After Experiences

It’s common for us to lead isolated lives. The individuals and surroundings surrounding you mold this bubble. Through encountering new people, places, and ideas, experiences broaden your horizons. Viewpoints can be challenged by social interactions and environmental shifts. You will become skeptical of the environment and adopt fresh perspectives. Being more open and developing personally is made possible by this. Things made of materials are incapable of doing all that.

Discovering Your Purpose Through Experiences

You can feel more focused and productive after having certain experiences. You may discover your desire to assist others through volunteering. Perhaps there’s a community you want to be surrounded by that you can see through travel. One’s values in life can be revealed through experiences.