Samsung One UI 5 Watch 2023

Samsung has unveiled its newest smartwatch operating system, One UI 5 Watch, which enhances three key areas: sleep tracking, activity monitoring, and user safety.

One UI 5 Watch introduces Sleep Insights UI, which calculates a sleep score for each night’s slumber based on metrics such as sleep phases, blood oxygen levels, and snoring hours. Sleep Coaching is now available directly on Galaxy Watches and will assist users in developing healthier slumber habits.

One UI 5 Watch devices will also feature seamless integration with SmartThings-compatible devices in order to turn off connected devices when the watch detects that the wearer is unconscious.

The new update also includes new fitness monitoring capabilities, such as personalized heart rate zones for running, real-time running analysis, and a customized interval training program. One UI 5 Watch device will include five intensity levels for workouts, including warm-up, fat loss, cardio, hard training, and maximum exertion.

Samsung’s One UI 5 Watch is now official.

Users of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be able to search for and access GPX files through Samsung Health, as well as utilize the expanded Route Workout setting for running and strolling.

One UI 5 Watch also includes an updated SOS function for direct communication with emergency services to relay the user’s location and medical information. The fall detection feature will be enabled by default for users aged 55 and older.

Samsung will release the One UI 5 Watch beta later this month via the Samsung Members app for Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro users in the United States and South Korea. The forthcoming Galaxy Watch 6 series will ship with One UI 5 Watch preinstalled.

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