Pathways Technologies and Konza Technopolis Promote Kenyan High-Tech Training 2023

Pathway and KoTDA will conduct the training under the Jitume Program Initiative, a government program geared at providing access to digital skills, e-services, and online opportunities for the nation’s young.

The two institutions will collaborate to provide high-tech training programs to close the skills divide and promote economic growth and sustainability.

“Today, we are delighted to sign this MOU. Pathways contributes extensive expertise in cutting-edge technologies and innovative teaching methods, which will be combined with Konza Technopolis’ vision of nurturing a thriving innovation and technology ecosystem, said Pathways Technologies CEO Joel Onditi CEO.

Pathways Technologies and Konza Technopolis Promote High-Tech Training in Kenya.

“The training programs will provide youths and students with hands-on experience, practical knowledge, industry-relevant skills, and employment opportunities to empower them to become key contributors to the digital revolution,” he added.

John Paul Okwiri, acting CEO of KoTDA, pledged support for the partnership to increase tech skills in the country in response to rising demand.

“The MOU with Pathway Technologies arrived on schedule. As Konza Technopolis, we will provide all the support necessary to guarantee the success of this initiative, which aims to provide one million digital skills to our nation’s youth.”

The partnership represents a major step towards establishing a knowledge-based economy in Africa.

By investing in high-tech training and innovative skill development, the collaboration seeks to establish a sustainable talent pool capable of driving technological advances, attracting investments, and fostering regional economic growth.

Pathways Technologies and Konza Technopolis urged development partners, organizations, institutions, and individuals to join forces and contribute to the transformational initiative during the event.

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