International peacekeeping technology symposium begins 2023

The seventh International Partnership for Technology in Peacekeeping Symposium (PPTS) with the theme “Harnessing Technology for Digital Transformation” began today in the nation’s capital and will run through June 16.This symposium was co-hosted by Nepal and the United Nations.

Nepal is the second greatest contributor of troops to the United Nations. The program aims to improve digital technology in United Nations peacekeeping and reduce digital disparities among peacekeepers.

In addition to focusing on aligning technology deliverables with the goals of the Department of Peace Operations’ Digital Transformation Strategy, the symposium will build on the momentum and initiatives generated by previous symposia.

To date, the Partnership for Technology in Peacekeeping initiative has resulted in the Department of Operational Support and Department of Peace Operations implementing impactful projects with member states, international organizations, academia, and civil society, and delivering technology solutions to address critical challenges facing United Nations field operations.

Technology in peacekeeping symposium begins.

According to the Publication Relations and Information Directorate of the Nepali Army, the programme is being conducted under the leadership of the Ministry of Defence and in coordination with the Nepali.

Army in order to facilitate the sharing of experiences among the member countries of the peacekeeping forces regarding the technologies, challenges, and best practices used in peacekeeping missions in light of the rapid development of information technology worldwide and the changing nature of conflict.

Participating in the event are delegates from the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and Ministry of Finance.

Atul Khare, Under Secretary General of the United Nations Department of Operational Support, is also present. This symposium features a total of 230 participants from 47 various nationalities, including 42 member states and eleven United Nations peacekeeping missions.

Since its inception in Italy in 2014, this international event has occurred annually. The symposium provides a forum for peacekeeping stakeholders to discuss technological advancements and their significance in sustaining global peace and security.

Since 1958, Nepal has participated in United Nations peace efforts. Nepal currently ranks as the second-largest and first female-largest contributor to peacekeeping operations worldwide.

Since 1958, 145,813 Nepalese peacekeepers have served in 44 distinct United Nations missions. 93 Nepalese peacekeepers have given their lives in the line of duty for the noble cause of world peace on this long voyage of peacekeeping.

Currently, 6,264 Nepalese peacekeepers serve in thirteen distinct UN missions.Nepal has pledged up to 10,000 peacekeepers for future United Nations missions, demonstrating its commitment to peacekeeping.

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