Designer Ring Style Guide

Designer rings are often more expensive and have more complex designs. Designer rings, however, aren’t insurmountable for purchasers on a tight budget. Although these investment pieces have a more known brand and more attention to detail, designer rings may be altered to make the ideal ring for the majority of budgets. Parade, Brilliance’s designer brand, offers a wide choice of settings and designs at various pricing points. Customers can select the ideal center stone and setting from the Parade line and most other designer designs. Designer engagement rings don’t always have to have enormous diamonds at exorbitant costs. Here are some styling pointers for designer engagement rings that will fit both your own style and budget!

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Configurations & Styles

The appeal of designer engagement rings lies in their incredible intricacies. Natural elements such as flowering center mounts, flowing vines, and floral designs inspired the Parade line’s features. But each ring design is unique, and ring settings come in a variety of pricing points. Selecting a sleek solitaire arrangement will satisfy purchasers seeking stylish minimalism while staying within budgetary constraints without compromising intricacy. Even solitaire sets have intricate features with designer lines. Keep an eye out for distinctive center mounts, curved edges, and carved-out forms within the band design. When the ring is on the hand, these patterns are frequently seen. Designs nearly always give the ring a sculptural element that gives the impression of a flower in bloom or other motifs.
If one has a somewhat larger budget, designer rings can frequently have stunningly patterned diamond embellishments. In addition to being used as flower accents to create a bouquet on the hand, diamonds or other gemstones can also be utilized as leaf formations against strong diamond center stones, sprinkled about the band in scrolling vine formations, or used as a subtle concealed element that is only seen when worn on the hand.

Gold or Platinum

The setting’s metal choice can have a big effect on cost. Platinum is a popular choice among consumers, although its pale tone may be quite costly. White gold is far less costly than platinum. Therefore, selecting white gold makes the most sense for purchasers on a budget who nevertheless want a designer ring in order to keep costs down without compromising elegance. You may also get a great selection of gold, whether it’s rose, white, or yellow. In order to save money, buyers may also decide to go with 14 karat gold rather than 18 carat gold. But the majority of designer rings won’t provide a setting in less than 14 karat gold purity. But if money isn’t an object, opt for the purest gold or treat yourself to platinum!


Diamonds are a popular choice for the central stone in engagement rings. To make unique rings, many consumers are increasingly selecting substitute gemstones. A lot of people have been influenced by Duchess Kate’s well-known sapphire engagement ring. Engagement rings made with gemstones are stunning fashion options. Additionally, selecting your birthstone to be put in designer rings may create a stunning and unique item. Don’t be scared to use vibrant colors while purchasing designer rings. When selecting the ideal center stone, take your personality and sense of style into account.

Cut, clarity, color, and carat are the four important factors to take into account when making a diamond center stone purchase. Every one of these factors influences a diamond’s value and beauty. Carat weight should normally be sacrificed if cost is a concern. However, warm gold settings also enhance the beauty of colored diamonds, especially those with a warmer yellow tint. However, as cut and clarity may have a significant influence on a diamond’s brilliance and beauty, most experts would advise against lowering expenses in these areas.

Combining Rings in Pairs

You can get a band that matches the engagement design, or you can wear designer engagement rings with any other wedding band. Customers may choose to pair an elaborate designer engagement ring with a simpler band; this keeps the engagement ring as the major attraction on the hand. But going with an intricate diamond wedding band makes for a daring combination.

Designer rings are available in many shapes and sizes. Even though these rings already have distinctive names and intricate patterns, customers may still personalize their rings to fit their preferences and budget. Try experimenting with different metal kinds, colors, and features to discover the ideal ring that embodies your interpretation of creative brilliance.