Chuhang Technology, NavInfo collaborate on intelligent driving technology 2023

The 19th of June saw the announcement of a strategic partnership between Chinese automotive intelligence solution provider NavInfo and millimeter-wave radar manufacturer Chuhang Technology.

The partners want to create a framework for long-term collaboration in which they will leverage their individual areas of expertise to investigate the development of cutting-edge intelligent technologies, create market-leading intelligent automotive products, and propel the intelligent automotive industry forward.

As part of this collaboration, Chuhang Technology will supply NavInfo with a variety of technical capabilities, such as radar antenna design, RF circuit matching, functional safety design, signal processing algorithms, radar ranging and height measurement algorithms, as well as customized hardware and software solutions.

NavInfo supports intelligent driving technologies.

These capabilities will be provided to NavInfo. The two companies will work together to develop innovative driver-assistance solutions that will dominate the market in their respective industries. NavInfo’s navigation, human-machine co-driving, and HD map capabilities will be utilized in the process.

In addition, NavInfo and Chuhang Technology are going to work together to develop the next generation of highly automated driving solutions for passenger vehicles. Chuhang Technology has a spectrum of millimeter-wave radar devices that operate between 77 and 79 gigahertz.

In addition, they will work together to support the development of autonomous driving in the freight transportation sector and explore initiatives in intelligent ports, smart transportation, and intelligent logistics with industry partners. This will be done through a collaborative effort.

The year 2018 marked the beginning of Chuhang Technology’s operations as a millimeter-wave radar producer. It has pre-installation orders for more than 50 different car types, some of which are from well-known automakers including Great Wall Motor, Dongfeng Motor, Chery Auto, and Leapmotor.

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