ATTRACT launches TeSI: Technology meets society 2023

ATTRACT Academy’s Technology for Social Innovation (TeSI) program aims to connect CERN’s open science, technology, and expertise with societal challenges. It prioritizes social requirements by identifying disruptive applications and business models for cutting-edge technologies developed under the ATTRACT initiative.

TeSI targets students in business management from the Master in Business Analytics program at Esade, Telecommunication Engineering and Computer Science at UPC, and design at IED Barcelona. These students are placed in multidisciplinary teams to work for 15 weeks on cutting-edge technologies in their early stages, following a user-centered design process (Design Thinking and Lean Startup).

During the program, students learn to develop and assess the potential impact of novel technologies in addressing societal needs, to lead work in an exploratory project requiring constant reflection and adaptation to newly acquired information, and to communicate and argue for decisions made within the context of an innovation project, among other skills.

TeSI version 2022-23 edition

The current incarnation of TeSI, which is coordinated by Esade, is comprised of 37 students from the three institutions, who are divided into six multidisciplinary teams that are searching for Social Innovation Applications using ATTRACT Technologies.

The students had the opportunity to travel to CERN, where they interacted with researchers from some of the ATTRACT phase 2 R&D&I initiatives, including Glass2Mass, HYGER, and MEGAMORPH, to discover novel solutions for its applications.

The multidisciplinary teams will develop a new solution concept and demonstrate a prototype and business model on May 26 at Fusion Point, Esade, for the course’s Final Presentation.

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