Amazon may provide generate AI-summary product reviews 2023

Generative artificial intelligence has emerged as the most ground-breaking technology of the past decade, drawing investment of billions of dollars from a variety of businesses that are looking for a competitive advantage.

Following up on a study that was published the previous month, a new report provides further information about how Amazon is incorporating artificial intelligence into its platform in order to assist customers in locating the appropriate goods.

The e-commerce giant has started testing a feature in its shopping app that makes use of artificial intelligence to provide a summary of the evaluations that consumers have written on various goods.

This feature offers a concise summary of what customers liked and disliked about the product, as well as a disclaimer that warns users that the summary was created by AI.

The ecommerce giant’s shopping app is trying AI-summarized user reviews.

The study provided an illustration of this by describing a children’s cauldron toy known as “Magic Mixies.” The summary that was provided by the AI for the product emphasized the fact that the majority of consumers felt that the toy should be priced lower than $100, despite the fact that certain customers like the toy for its “fun factor, appearance, value, performance, quality, charging, and leakage.”

The summary also brought to light concerns that some consumers had regarding the product’s pricing and the quality of the goods.

Amazon has stated that it is testing the tool, but the company did not disclose technical details about how it operates or what AI models are being employed.

Amazon products frequently have thousands of evaluations written by customers with a variety of perspectives, and sorting through all of these reviews may be a time-consuming procedure. The necessity to read reviews may be eliminated completely with the use of AI summarization, which can also help solve this problem.

Amazon has been using AI for a number of years now in order to provide personalized suggestions and targeted advertisements. However, the current development in generative AI has led businesses to expand their attention on the technology.

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