UPDATE 1-Nvidia, MediaTek cooperate on connected car technologies 2023

On Monday, Nvidia Corporation and MediaTek Inc announced that they will collaborate on technology to enable advanced vehicle infotainment systems that can transmit video or games and interact with drivers using artificial intelligence.

MediaTek will incorporate an Nvidia graphics processing unit chiplet and Nvidia software into the system-on-chips it provides to automakers for infotainment displays. The agreement was disclosed at the Computex technology trade show in Taipei.

The companies stated that MediaTek systems utilizing Nvidia software would be compatible with automated driving systems based on Nvidia technology. The dashboard could display the surrounding environment, while cameras would monitor the motorist.

“The automotive industry needs strong companies that can work with the industry for decades,” Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, said at a news conference in Taipei, citing the lengthy product cycle for automakers.

“The quality, strength, and positions of our two companies could provide the automotive industry with partners on which to build their businesses,” he said, adding that the partnership would provide chips capable of powering “every single part of a car.”

As manufacturers add features such as gaming, artificial intelligence for voice-activated features, driver monitoring systems, and displays related to automated driving, the complexity of in-vehicle displays and entertainment systems increases.

Qualcomm, the primary competitor of MediaTek in the smartphone market, has also been courting manufacturers. Qualcomm and SalesForce announced a partnership earlier this year to develop a new connected vehicle platform.

The partnership with MediaTek expands Nvidia’s access to the $12 billion market for infotainment system-on-chips.

Rick Tsai, the chief executive officer of MediaTek, stated at the same occasion that the launch of the first products was slated for late 2025.

Nvidia has prioritized luxury automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Land Rover. MediaTek, a company with its roots in the Android smartphone processor market, sells its Dimensity Auto technology to mass-market, lower-priced vehicle manufacturers. Additionally, MediaTek has strengths in mobile connectivity and Android systems.

Nvidia’s vice president of automotive, Danny Shapiro, remarked, “They are addressing a number of segments that Nvidia has not addressed.”

The firms did not identify prospective automotive customers. Joe White contributed reporting; Stephen Nellis and Yimou Lee contributed additional reporting; David Gregorio and Christopher Cushing edited the piece.

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